United Missionary Primary Teachers’ Training Institute



Teaching Methodologies

The institute aims towards a more comprehensive education system where equal attention is paid to physical, emotional and intellectual development of the trainees through class room teaching and practical classes



Knowledge Based Subjects

The following knowledge based subjects (ie Theory Classes) are taught through class room teaching

  • Basic Concepts of Education
  • Educational psychology and learning process
  • Planning, Management, Methodology and Evaluation
  • Development of Education in Contemporary India




Method Subjects


The following Method subjects are taught both through Classroom Teaching and Practical Classes


  • Mother Language (First Language)
  • English ( Second Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • History
  • Geography



Practical Based Areas

Practical Classes are taken on Practical based areas.

  • Physical Education & Health Education
  • Creative Work & Productive Work
  • Practice Teaching - Micro Teaching & Macro Teaching
  • Cultural Activity
  • Purposeful Learning through Direct Based Experience



Students are engaged in Music, Creative and Productive Art Work



Each Trainee is required to undergo Practical teaching experience twice a year for a period of 40 days


Salient Features


  • Lot of emphasis is laid on the complete development of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Trainees are given enough scope to explore their creative potentialities
  • Trainees are making productive goods and materials
  • In the micro teaching classes trainees are guided to Practice and Demonstrative skills to be used in the class room
  • Trainees are acquiring live experience in Macro Teaching